Outlook Bulk Email Tool

About the tool:

Outlook Bulk Email Tool is an Excel and Outlook based tool which helps you to send or draft email in bulk right from Excel. It reads the recipient details from Excel sheet and uses Outlook installed on your system to generate emails. The tool supports To, Cc, Subject, Email Body, Attachment, HTML Table in Email Body.

Tool Features:

  • Draft or Send Bulk Emails using MS Outlook
  • Supports attachments and table in email body
  • Auto insert email signature in the email


  • Save Time
  • Increase Accuracy

System Requirements:

  • You need to have installed version of MS Excel and MS Outlook 2010 or above


  • Tool support only 1 attachment per email

How to use this tool:


  1. Open the tool and fill To, Cc (Optional), Subject in ‘Home’ sheet
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool
  2. Enter email body
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool
    Note: If you want a table inside the email body, use <> keyword in the email body like in above screenshot.
  3. If you want to add an attachment in the email, enter the full path of the file
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool
  4. If you have mentioned <
    > keyword in the Email Body, then you need to mention the Lookup value in column G (Table Data Lookup Value). This value is used to filter the data available in ‘Table Data’ sheetOutlook Bulk Email ToolHow Lookup Value works?If you want to add a table in the email body, then you need to add your table data in ‘Table Data’ sheet. Note that there is no limit on number of rows or column.Outlook Bulk Email ToolNote: Here first column (Lookup Data) is important. Tool uses this column to filter the data and add in Email Body like in below screenshotsOutlook Bulk Email ToolOutlook Bulk Email Tool
  5.  Ensure that Outlook is up and running on your system before proceeding further, now click on ‘Open Tool’ button.
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool
  6. Select or type account name from which you want to generate emails. Also select the email importance and checkbox to draft emails instead of sending them directly.
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool
  7. Done, click on ‘Generate Email’ button see the tool working for you.
  8. Once the activity is completed, you will see a confirmation message and you can also refer column A (Status) for status of each email
    Outlook Bulk Email Tool

Sample Email:

Outlook Bulk Email Tool